Masjid Toronto Adelaide: Expansion


Alhamdulillah Masjid Toronto has been able to secure another unit neighboring our Masjid in Adelaide St. for $1.8 million allowing us to expand our prayer space. This additional space will help us accommodate our ever-growing community and the professionals working in Downtown Toronto.


Help us raise $950,000.00 in the final phase of our project to cover the costs of renovations and repayment of Qard Hasan due in the next six months.


With the support and generosity of our congregation, we were able to submit a final cheque to the previous owners for $$1,797,434.75 which included the cost of property, taxes and fees. Though this is indeed a great and praiseworthy accomplishment by our community, our endeavour is not yet over.


The next phase of our project involves two major and pending costs ahead of us which include renovations costing $300,000 (to make the new space usable and connected to our Masjid) and the repayment of Qard Hasan costing $650,000 (interest free loans given to our Masjid by the community). This means that within the upcoming six months we will need to raise $950,000.00 to finish off all the debts and expenses of this unit.


Praising the Muslims who build and maintain the Masajid, Allah says;


“The mosques of Allah are only to be maintained by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day and establish prayer and give zakah and do not fear except Allah , for it is expected that those will be of the [rightly] guided.” (At-Tawbah 9:18)


Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) elaborated the merits of building the Masajid, saying, “Whoever builds a mosque with the intention of seeking Allah’s pleasure, Allah will build for him likewise in Paradise.” (Al-Bukhari & Muslim)


Building masjids is among the continuous charities (sadaqah jariyyah) that their reward continues even after the person’s death. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said,“When a man dies, his deeds come to an end, except for three: A continuous charity, knowledge by which people derive benefit, and pious child who prays for him.” (Muslim)


May Allah reward you all and accept your contributions towards the opening and maintaining of His house. Ameen!


Remember to share this great opportunity with those you love!



Posted April 29th, 2016 in Announcements

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