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Service Hours:

Masjid Toronto Service Hours are as following:

Dawn (Fajr) prayer: The Masjid will be open for 1 hour.

Monday-Thursday, and Saturday-Sunday:

opens 1 hour before  Dhuhr (noon) paryer and closes 1  hour after Isha prayer.

Friday: Opens at 11:00 AM and closes 1 hour after Isha prayer

Note: Check with the office for hours outside the above time frame.

Feedback :

Please kindly enter feedback for Friday’s Khutba (sermon). Your feedback may help us improve or make changes to better serve the congregation.

Jazaka kummullahu khairan.

Thank you

Address: 168 Dundas St. West,
Toronto, ON M5G 1C6 Canada
Tel: (416)-596-0507
Fax: (416)-596-7112
Email: [email protected]

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Masjid Toronto @ Adelaide

Address: 86 Adelaide Street East,
Toronto, ON M5C 1K6 Canada
Tel: (647)-748-4756
Fax: (416)-596-7112
Email: [email protected]

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Unfortunately, we do not provide any parking spaces, however there are metered parking surrounding both masjids.